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Wooden Series

We specialize in crafting acacia wooden kitchenware, cookware, tableware, utensils, teak tables, and decoration like salad bowls, trays, plates, and more. Find unique and customized wooden kitchenware pieces in our wooden kitchenware selection.

Knives Series

Right knives are essential in the kitchen. We have different types of models of knives for you to do any task in the kitchen, including carving, paring, filleting, etc.


As a Chinese brand with an international base, James.F was founded in 2007 by Nancy who has been working in the kitchen design field for many years, and two international masters, Andre and John, who formed the development team.

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Buying From Manufacturers

You can get the lowest price from JamesF Kitchenware by avoiding the agent fee and saving time by communicating with us directly.

No MOQ Requirements

Reduce your inventory risk with no minimum order quantity. You can place any order based on your business needs.

High-Quality Products

We have high standards for all of our collections that are aesthetic and practical.

Broad Product Line

We have a broad range of product lines to meet customers' requirements and improve productivity for them.

Competitive Price

We offer high-quality and well-designed products for you at competitive and affordable prices.