James.F is a home kitchenware brand that designs modern classic kitchenware essentials at affordable prices. We are a family brand created by a mother who was determined to bring reliable yet stylish kitchen products wholesale around the world. Our goal is for everyone to feel the joy of having a well-functioning, stylish kitchen to cook, eat and share meals in.

Feel at home in your kitchen
To us, the kitchen is special. It is a place of joy, creation, relaxation, and all other possibilities. A kitchen should always be one of the most popular rooms at home. On average, an American spends 56 hours in the kitchen per month. That’s about two full days a month spent in your kitchen. Shouldn’t it be a place you enjoy? Whether it’s the smell of fresh brewing coffee with a Sunday newspaper, learning an adventurous new recipe over your stove, or settling down with your family for a meal together, kitchens represent a shared space where we're fed and nourished. We believe a well-loved kitchen means an efficient, beautiful space with kitchenware that is visually appealing, long-lasting and simple to use.

Live better, every day
Our mission is to empower everyone to feel comfortable in their kitchens. Luxurious yet accessible, our products are ideal for American customers who enjoy quality and style at reasonable prices. Our professional-grade knives, utensils, tools and kitchenware are well-suited for cooks at all experience levels. Since 1983 we’ve been crafting, manufacturing and distributing high-quality kitchenware for retailers all over the world. Now, we’re bringing our beloved products directly to American homes.